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  • Weinwanderung Sächsischer Weinwanderweg
    Weinwanderung Sächsischer Weinwanderweg Photo: Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH
  • Blick von der Juchhoeh
    Blick von der Juchhoeh Photo: Anne Dziallas, Stadtverwaltung Meissen
  • Künstlerin in Schauwerkstatt der Porzellanmanufaktur
    Künstlerin in Schauwerkstatt der Porzellanmanufaktur Photo: Martin Förster (DML-BY), Dresden Elbland
  • Der Zwinger Dresden Photo: Sylvio Dittrich, Dresden Elbland
  • Dresden im Frühling Photo: Sven Döring (DML-BY), CC BY, Dresden Elbland

Dresden Elbland: You’ll be glad you came 

Irresistible at every turn: As you roam through vineyards and enchanting villages, you will discover that there is so much to stimulate all five senses. Every kilometre is a revelation!


The ever-changing scenery is no exception, with the picturesque vineyards of the Saxon Wine Trail gracing the right-hand banks of the Elbe and tranquil valleys and dream-like gorges in sight on the other. Encounter babbling brooks and water mills; plants, birds and rocks barely found elsewhere, ancient castles, manor houses and the remnants of its silver mining yesteryear. A heady mixture of natural beauty, culture and history with beautifully pure air: a region that will win your heart. Welcome to Dresden Elbland!

Going out and about

Walking or hiking, cycling, trundling along a historic narrow-gauge railway or aboard a 19th-century paddle steamer – Dresden Elbland and its glorious greenery remain just as enticing, no matter how you choose to explore. Take your time and drink in the natural beauty around you, while enjoying the abundant forests, pristine parks, spellbinding castles and river adventuring.

Camping vacations in Dresden Elbland

Pure vacation: Who loves camping and caravanning, will surely find a good place to sleep in the beautiful landscape of the Elbe valley. No matter whether you want to spend your vacation in Dresden Elbland with tent, caravan or motor home, here you will surely find your personal place of well-being. 
Photo: Martin Förster, Dresden Elbland

Pure delight

Your visit will be enhanced by the local cuisine – be it for an invigorating snack in passing or a great gourmet menu with the appropriate regional wine to linger over. A hearty lunch or dinner in a traditional Saxon inn comes highly recommended – and the ground-breaking local grapes and those who grow them are equally on point. The culinary delights that await in Dresden Elbland are just as multifaceted as its villages, towns and scenic beauty. Whatever you’re after, Dresden Elbland will leave you wanting more!
Ein schönes Fleckchen zum Genießen - Das ist Dresden Elbland
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