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Alive: Wildlife parks and zoos

From the familiar – a zoo – right up to extensive wildlife parks and a lively nature adventure centre, Dresden Elbland has something for all who feel like getting away from their fellow humans every now and again. Or seeing things from a creature-centric perspective. Close encounters with the animal kingdom can be enjoyed downtown as well as in the suburbs – discover how Dresden Elbland goes beyond elephants and tigers alone.

Diversity: From the homegrown to the exotic

The beautiful and generously proportioned zoo, centrally located within Dresden’s Grosser Garten park, is home to innumerable animals and species, including orangutans and penguins. Or how about getting up close to what are normally super-timid creatures at the Moritzburg game reserve, which houses red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, elk, roe deer, wolves and the rare wild cat? The Elbepark Hebelei Nature Adventure Centre, striving by its admission to preserve endangered breeds of sheep and cattle, domestic donkeys and mini-pigs, lies in a picturesque location next to the Elbe Cycle Route. With a bit of luck, you might even spot mallards, grey herons and cormorants flying along the river.


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