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Das Münzkabinett in Dresden


Museums and collections

With more than 50 museums and galleries, the collection of art treasures found in Dresden is almost unrivalled nationally and Europe-wide – thanks largely to the Saxon prince-electors and their craving to collect, which underpins today’s glittering exhibitions to epic effect.

Magnificent: The Dresden State Art Collections

Most prominent among the attractions are the Green Vault, the Porcelain Collection and the Old Masters Picture Gallery. Raphael’s world-famous Sistine Madonna will leave visitors to the Old Masters Picture Gallery absolutely spellbound, as do works by Rubens, Rembrandt and Dürer. Housed in fifteen of the finest Dresden museums, the State Art Collections span the most diverse epochs and promise a wealth of discovery for art lovers in the know. The forerunner of today’s collection is the Kunstkammer (Chamber of Art), founded in 1560 by the Electors of Saxony – much of the precious inventory was purchased by Augustus the Strong and his son.

Unique: Dresden’s museum landscape

With more than 50 museums vying for your attention, shortlisting visits for your days in Dresden is far from easy. The choice is comparable to London – and with the sheer diversity of the collections and special exhibitions, you will certainly want to visit one (at least). Our recommendation: Dresden City Museum covers eight centuries of the city’s history. Or, for a more global approach, try the German Hygiene Museum, which describes itself as a “forum for science, culture and society”, and the Military History Museum.

Contemporary: Art in Dresden Elbland

Dresden Elbland pulsates with creativity – not only in the form of a constant flow of new works from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Contemporary art permeates Dresden to the core: the Dresden City Art Museum, the Albertinum, the Ostrale Biennale – as well as its many private galleries. Take the Baroque Quarter, for example, where Holger John showcases works by Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Gerhard Richter and Banksy. Frequent events throughout Dresden Elbland also celebrate the enjoyment of art, including the diploma exhibition of the Dresden University of Fine Arts and the LackStreichenKleber Urban Art Festival Dresden.

Multifaceted: Museums in the region

Myriad museums within the region underline just how vibrant Dresden Elbland really is. Whatever your interest, it’s here, from local history to country arts and crafts and agricultural technology exhibits, historical museums and even the wine museum for those fond of grabbing a glass. Perhaps you have kids in tow? Like something outside the norm? Keen to journey back in time? The possibilities are endless. Get your diary out and start planning!


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