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Schloss Burgk in Freital


Stately homes, parks and gardens

History seeps from every pore of these romantic walls. Castles and palaces still intact after centuries retain their secrets to this day. Wide-open and well-tended green spaces that today’s landscape architects admire. Trees that shaded people long before even Goethe and Schiller. Dresden Elbland is home to many historic palaces, parks and gardens. Plan your discovery tour now!

Immovable: Palaces and castles

Here a romantic palace, there a fortified castle, and somewhere in between an old stable. Living history around every corner. And the real draw here, not only the grand castles and palaces of Meissen, Dresden, Torgau and Nossen but also the inimitable blending of centuries-old architecture and landscape design. Set amid wide and visually pleasing forest and lakeland landscapes, for example, is the picturesque summer palace of Moritzburg. Who wouldn’t be enticed by its unmatched tranquillity and character? Just as if you’d stepped back in time.

Transcendental: Parks and gardens

Pillnitz, Grosssedlitz and Zabeltitz, one of the best-known creative trios, bequeathed to us by imaginative gardeners and landscape planners from way back when. Whether you are strolling through the sun-drenched grounds of Wackerbarth castle below the vineyards of Radebeul or in the shade of the trees between the ruins of Altzella monastery, romance and beauty abound. How about taking in the botanical gardens and collections in Dresden, Tharandt or the Zuschendorf country chateau? Bringing you exotic and scientifically important plant species from the world over – without the jet lag and the long flight...


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