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Blick auf Tharandt


Tharandt Forest

Trees, birdsong and sunbeams through the foliage – the town of Tharandt is awash in the incomparable magic of its namesake forest.

Green: The magic of the forest

For centuries, Tharandt has thrived alongside and thanks to the forest, within which the world looks very different. Journey into the heart of healing greenery grandeur, that makes its mark on mind and body. Stroll along some 250 kilometres of hiking trails, past idyllic brooks, irresistible hills and dales and countless other delights that await along the Grillenburg Forest Nature Trail. Don’t miss: a visit to the 18-hectare Forest Botanical Garden of Dresden Technical University, housing 2,000 or so different trees and shrubs. Plus, a further 15 hectares dedicated to North America, with 9,500 plants such as magnolias and even sequoia and tulip trees.

Volcanic: The Mohorner Grund

The Mohorner Grund – a small side valley and once home to a quarry – is a worthwhile stop-off, and not just for geologists either. The so-called Tharandt Vulcanite Complex is where you will find the ‘Porphyrfächer’, a remarkable fan-shaped deposit of purple-coloured rhyolite volcanic rock, and stone columns of melted tuff – remnants of volcanic activity that occurred 320 million years ago. And nearby Waldbad Mohorn-Grund also beckons: this family-friendly, open-air bathing facility in a beautiful setting is a great place to cool off and splash about in summer. For a fiery alternative (albeit on a smaller, less hazardous scale), we recommend a visit to the Knox incense cone museum. This family business produces the miniature black incense cones that produce the smoke emitted by the famous handcrafted smoking figures from the Erzgebirge Mountains.


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